Email Marketing Kickstart

Dear Frustrated Marketer...

Sick of it yet?

Tired of all the hype... the lies... the empty, broken promises?

Ever feel like you just can't win at marketing... no matter what you try?

If so, chances are... you've been sold a worthless MAGIC BUTTON (or ten...)

But even if you're immune to that type of cheesy "junk-food" marketing...

And even if you're smarter, more experienced, or working your tail off while others just search for the next get-rich-quick scheme...

You still haven't gotten the kind of results you want consistently...

Have you?

Simple questions

Can you roll out of bed tommorrow morning... send out a stupid-simple email, and KNOW with 100% certainty that you'll see a profit?

Second question:

Do the cool people on your list write you back when you send an email...

Thanking you for sharing such good stuff with them?

We both know the answer... don't we?

And we're not going to say, "it's not your fault" because it IS kind of your fault.

But only because the solution has been right under your nose the whole time!

Hi, it's Brian McLeod and Erik Stafford.

We're sorry if that bit above was a little bit painful to consider...

In working with thousands of customers, marketers, clients, and partners we've realized that the sooner you can get the "ugly truths" out on the table... and shine a big, bright light on them... the sooner we can get down to the business of fixing what's broken.

And the sooner the rewards come back to everyone involved.

But here's the good news - from here on out, everything gets a LOT more fun!

We LOVE having fun. And at this point in our careers, if it's NOT fun, we just don't do it.

Well, some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on is to make a bunch of money online - even if it takes a little work... (what doesn't?)


Just in case you're not familiar with Brian's or Erik's back story...

Brian McLeod is a 15-year veteran copywriter and first-call creative marketing specialist with a "who's who" client/partner list including David Garfinkel, David Deutsch, John Carlton, Spike Humer, Audrey Kerwood, Ben Mack, Yanik Silver, Josh Bartlett and many more...

In the mid-nineties, Brian co-founded one of the nation's most successful new product development firms...

And grew that company from a spare-bedroom startup, to more than 200 employees and over NINE-FIGURES in sales revenue.

Erik Stafford comes from an advertising and design background and has won numerous awards over the past fifteen years, including several AAF-ADDY Awards and some other ones with equally important sounding names.

He's an expert in copywriting, conversion, direct response design, and branding...

And his work has been responsible for millions in sales. Erik's most proud of the impact he's had in helping total beginners harness the power of effective marketing.

Recently, we created a new product with our old pal, Ross Goldberg.

It's called MicroSEO - and it sold over a thousand copies right here on the Warrior Forum, attracting TONS of great reviews and feedback from customers.

They LOVED it... WE loved it...

In fact, it was so much fun that Brian hit Erik with one of the "big ideas" he'd been holding in his back pocket for YEARS...

Brian asked Erik to join their "Wonder-Twin Power Rings" together and tackle the project as a team...

...and Erik agreed instantly.

Our new venture, Kickstart Media, was born.

We immediately knew what the topic of our first product had to be...

The Only Real Marketing Magic Button

There REALLY IS A Marketing "Magic Button"!

Only it's not the kind everyone else talks about...

And it's certainly not the kind that "automagically" causes golden bricks to fall out of the sky without any time or effort on your part.

We all know those kinds of pitches are pure B.S., right?

The only real, proven Magic Button in marketing is the "SEND NOW" button...

The one inside your AutoReponder you use to fire off another profit-generating email that your customers love reading and look forward to receiving from you.

When you're doing email marketing right, pushing that button really DOES feel a little bit like making money appear out of thin air!

But still, you may be thinking...

Here's Why To Listen To Us

The notion of email ever dying is just laughably FALSE.

Email cannot die - it's the central nervous system of the internet!

Want to see how easy it is to poke a giant truck-sized hole in the idea that Social Media and Mobile are killing email?

1) Globally, there's almost 3 BILLION current email users... and yes, that's billion with a "B".

Compare that to Facebook's 750 million users... or the measly 300 million Twitter users worldwide. Email DWARFS the reach of Social Media by an order of magnitude.

2) How do all your notices come from Social Media sites - including your account creation and login instructions?

Hmmm. Yep... EMAIL. (LOL)

Email is so deeply integrated into the way Social Media works, it simply couldn't function without it. Sub4

Did you know Forrester Research recently estimated investments in Email Marketing are over $1.5 billion dollars in 2012 and on pace to top $2 Billion by 2014?

How about the recent survey from Econsultancy where 72% of companies called their Return-On-Investment (ROI) for Email Marketing "Excellent" to "Really Good"...

And then there's the 39.4% of marketing industry executives who voted Email Marketing their "Most Powerful Advertising Channel" for their business! (Source: Datran Media survey)

Doesn't sound much like the death of ANYTHING to us...

Still, investments from huge corporations may not seem particularly relevant to you or feel all that important when it comes to YOUR online business.

So, here's another doozy to put in your pipe and puff on...


It's consumers, not corporations, that generate approximately 75% of all the world's email traffic.

And who is it that actually, you know... BUYS STUFF?

That's right... Consumers do.


Take a guess what the number one thing is that most users do on their snazzy new smart phones and mobile devices?

Yep... They access their EMAIL...

Email has been THE KILLER APP since the dawn of the internet, it still is now, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future...

That's why we're so PSYCHED about finally flinging open the doors to our brand new Email Marketing training program...

We've created a remarkably simple, easy-to-follow blueprint that reveals how anyone can quickly start using advanced Email Marketing strategies to massively improve their bottom line profits!

Inside our fast-paced, fun, instantly-accessible 7-Module training program, we’re going to quickly sweep away all the confusion, insecurities, and frustration you’ve felt in the past about Email Marketing...

We're going to replace them with confidence, clarity, and a full understanding of a proven marketing system you can replicate over and over again with ease.

And we've made this deal so sweet...

At only $27 for lifetime access, NO ONE has any excuses anymore for not getting awesome results with email.

Learn WHEN you want... You get lifetime access to your Kickstart training inside our private, online members area. Just login for immediate access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Learn HOW you like... Every Kickstart Module comes complete with detailed written instructions with images... PLUS quick, 10-15 minute overview videos for each module and beautiful, downloadable PDF documents. No matter how you learn best, we've got you covered.

Stay on the CUTTING EDGE... Each of the 7 Modules is laser-focused on one critical Email Marketing component. We've designed the course from the ground up so it's easy to implement everything you're learning as you go. We worked hard to make this simple!

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Create a brand new email list from scratch with popular AutoResponders like AWeber, GetResponse, and Constant Contact... then stuff them full of happy subscribers!


Easily master the nuts and bolts of advanced Email Marketing.
Help your customers get more from their purchases, build deep, lasting relationships with your audience, and generate easy, steady commissions for products and services you promote.

Quickly and easily build super-effective landing pages and Email-Opt-in pages that convert like crazy... Previous students have reported conversion rates of over 60% with the bonus opt-in templates we're giving you - for free!

Discover the 3 types of emails, and when to send each for maximum results... this could completely change the way you think about emails forever!

REVEALED: The dirty little secret of “story-selling” with email sequences - the kind that build suspense and keep readers glued to your emails...

Write powerfully effective email broadcasts and sequences almost effortlessly... and see how easy it can be to completely automate everything inside your Autoreponder to do your selling FOR you!

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Module 1

MODULE 1: Email The Kickstart Way...
The Email Marketing Kickstart™ philosophy. PLUS - bonus training on building your first website(s), getting traffic to them, and converting more of that traffic into buyers.

Module 2

MODULE 2: The Nuts & Bolts...
Breeze through the technical side of setting up shop for world-class quality Email Marketing. We'll help you pick the right Autoresponder, configure it, and start sending emails right away.

MOdule 3

MODULE 3: The Three Types Of Emails...
Learn all about the only three emails you ever need to know how to write or send. Once you've mastered this, you will never again wonder what to send or when.

Module 4

MODULE 4: Writing Great Emails...
Discover how a cheesy superhero show on TV can completely transform the way you write emails. Subject lines, body copy, and advanced triggers.

Module 5

MODULE 5: Sending Broadcasts...
How to send super effective email blasts and create great results whenever you want. Plus when and how often to send broadcast emails for best results.

Module 6

MODULE 6: Creating Sequences...
Erik's ninja way of organizing and creating sequences before he writes a single word (this is mega-cool). Plus, an entire schedule of what to send and when.

MOdule 7

MODULE 7: The Advanced Stuff
Email Personalization done right, along with advanced Story-Selling and more copywriting juju. How to segment lists and measure your results effectively...

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Email Marketing Kickstart™ is guaranteed to take your Email Marketing to an entirely new level.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Brian McLeod

Brian McLeod
This sounds AMAZING, guys... Count me in!

Brian McLeod

Erik Stafford
YES! I'm ready to Kickstart my Email Marketing RIGHT NOW!

Erik Stafford

Erik Stafford
Don't Take Our Word For It

When you make the smart decision to join Email Marketing Kickstart™ today, you do so with absolutely no risk.

Here’s why…

We're giving you a full 60 days to put our training to the test.

What you discover must have a huge impact on your business...

It must be easy for you to understand and implement… and it must get you results… or we insist you write for a full no-questions, no hassles refund.

You have an entire 60 days to give it a shot. That's longer than the whole course, so there’s no rush, and nothing to lose.

You'll either completely fall in love with this training… or get your money back.

We’ll even part ways as friends.

That’s fair… right?

So what are you waiting for?

All the life-changing Kickstart secrets are waiting for you on the inside…

You know you want to do it, so hit that button!

Email Marketing Kickstart™ Training Program

Kickstart Media™

P.S. - 10% of our profits go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, because we can all agree that when little kids have incurable diseases, it just sucks.

P.P.S. - Remember - You must be 100% thrilled by your decision to join us, or we insist you write us and get every cent you invest today safely back in your pocket, no questions asked.

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose when you sign up for Email Marketing Kickstart™ right now!

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Kickstart Media makes no claims as to how much money you may or may not make by purchasing and implementing this training.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

You could purchase this course, follow every step to the letter, ask all the right questions, become our very best students...

And still not make a single penny.

That’s just the nature of any business, and you should be suspicious of anyone who tells you any different.

Our promise: Purchase this training, and follow the steps. If you don't find this course makes Email Marketing easier and more fun for you, simply request a refund.